Why blog?

To write more

In a good organization/teams content and not presentation skills are the king. Write more. Make your point straightforward, and add good arguments in a clear way.

To rubber duck your ideas

Explaining to somebody your problem or solution from start to the end helps you notice missing bits or opportunity places. Write down end-to-end your journey.

To beer-talk

I miss networking at conferences and being able to talk over a beer about your complex problem or ultimate solution in your team and confront your approach with others.

To leave a mark

I strongly believe in a written form (Clubhouse what?), easy to search & index, translate, glance over, and easy to archive. This allows you to add a brick to our global community and look back at your approaches and how sometimes you were wrong.  

See you in the next chapter of our journey! If you have your own blog or place to put your thoughts - please leave them in a comment.