You are too good at planning

As we get older, our calendars tend to have fewer events and random "nights out". Part of it is due to that we are more risk-averse, and we have less free time. But what if the true reason is your planning skill?

You are too good at planning
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One thing we are taught from our very early days, no matter where we live is... planning. Most of our successes and failures can be attributed to planning and execution, and realistic estimates take into account execution so... 🤔 it is all up to our planning abilities.

If you repeat something daily for XX years in various scenarios you will get better at it no matter what. So with age, we tend to have a more realistic approach to time and our estimates.

Also in our lives, we are very rarely awarded for pushing our time estimates down. If somebody asks us "how long will it take you to do XYZ?" we tend to give a safe bet. When we are given most of our school assignments - it is not about finishing first, it is about delivering task X in Y days.

Being late for a meeting is rude, so we tend to leave early "just in case".

Good (aka boring) calendar

We leave more time between activities, we don't schedule meetings for already packed days, and we end up with a much less "event-rich" calendar.

Fewer activities,
fewer adventures,
fewer random changes of plans...
all for "being on the safe side".

This might be my new year's resolution. To push my calendar to the limit and introduce chaos from time to time. Adapt and improvise instead of looking for perfect planning ahead. It will sometimes lead to being late, or not being able to make it from time to time, but...
just maybe,
in the end,
it will be worth it.