My (MacOS) software setup

My (MacOS) software setup
Graphic by DALL-E

This document's purpose is to remind me about everything I need to set up in case of a clean system install (I do not like setting up the new machine from a backup as it brings a lot of garbage with it).

This is a work in progress and the first clean OS setup will evaluate what I have missed. Your suggestions in the comments are welcomed. 



JetBrains IDE's

Brew packages

Ruby gems

  • bundler

Brave (browser extensions)


  • move MacOS dock to the right side
  • make MacOS dock auto-hide, use a dark theme
  • Install Monokai theme for IntelliJ , VSC, GitKraken
  • Font Family: Install Fira Code font and enable ligatures in IDEs. However lately I'm considering fonts almost monospaced as a perfect middle ground.  I also had a good time with JetBrains Mono. Going back and forth on this.
  • Make sure the browser, slack, teams... have properly selected audio input/output as well the external camera is working.
  • Give permission to everything (ex. Slack and Teams to share screen)
  • Configure Ruby using rbenv
  • Make sure everything (TBC) is added to PATH:
  • Setup Git with keypair and upload them to Gitlab&Github...
  • Consider using a separate git profile for work depending on a directory
  • Open XCode and Android Studio, download all required SDK and simulators/emulators images
  • Install plugins to IntelliJ IDEs (KMM, JSON to Kotlin class, GraphQL, Flutter, Dart, Compose Multiplatform, Build Variant Matrix, Android Baseline profiles)
  • Import Alfred/Raycast workflows, install Raindrop integration
  • Git clone your repos ❤️ and build those projects (so next time you have an incremental build and not a clean one), also check if you have all the needed certificates/keys for them
  • Add to Preview app your signature

Do not forget to migrate hundreds of open tabs from your old system.